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The following list of suppliers is copied (with permission) from WebWhispers. To go to any suppliers' email or website, just click on the highlighted area of that supplier.



4152 Locust Street Riverside CA 92501; Tel: 951-686-8840 (AAA) or 951-300-1200 (ACS), or web site: for brochures or information. IN ADDITION TO REGULAR & FASHIONABLE STOMA COVERS THEY OFFER THE ONLY FASHIONABLE COVERS WITH BUILT IN OXYGEN FIXTURES, CORRUGATED TUBING ADAPTERS, HEAT MOISTURE EXCHANGE SCREENING AND HIGH RESOLVE HEAVY DUTY MICRO PARTICLE "DICKEY STYLE" COVERS THAT CAPTURE DUST, POLLEN, MOLD & OTHER AIR POLLUTANTS. Their products are made by laryngectomees for other laryngectomees & throat breathers. Contact point for The Inland Empire Nu-Voices Association is the new web site - now found at:

ABILITYHUB - Assistive Technology Solutions

c/o The Gilman Group, L.L.C., P.O. Box 6356, Rutland, VT 05702-6356, Telephone: (802) 775 1993; Fax: (802) 773 1604. Assistive Technology for people with a disability who find operating a computer difficult, maybe even impossible. They handle adaptive equipment and alternative methods for accessing computers and for augmenting communication. They carry the LightWRITER, DynaVox, DynaMyte, Pathfinder, Vantage, IMPACT, and TuffTalker devices. Email: Web Site:


P O Box 152109, Austin, TX 78715-2109 (Mailing), 1601 E. Slaughter Lane, # 283, Austin, TX 78747 (Ship to) Tel: (800)-764-8764 or 512-292-0437, Fax: 512-292-0439. They carry the Servox, Solatone, TruTone, and Nuvoice Artificial Larynx, the ChatterVox Voice Amplifier which is worn like a "fanny pack" and comes with a choice of headset mike or transdermal neck mike, and the Pulmonex CPR kit. They also carry a full line of accessories for the laryngectomee including shower protectors, Servox and Kapitex foam filters, various styles of custom stoma covers (foam, knit, crocheted and cotton scarves), "Neck Breather" bracelets, and holsters for carrying artificial larynx, and the AmbuBag. Web Site at: Contacts: Patsy or Scot Haskell at:


Office: 4001 N. Shepherd, Suite 100, Houston, Texas 77018; Mailing: PO Box 925617, Houston, Texas 77292-5617; Toll Free: (800)-363-5985, FAX: (713)-695-7358; Web Site: American Medical ID features custom engraved medical identification bracelets, necklaces and medallions. Important information on medical conditions, drug or food allergies, medicines taken or emergency contacts can be engraved onto the surface of a medical identification jewelry piece. Wearing a medical ID is recommended by physicians and healthcare organizations throughout the world.


Via Sicilia, 137 - 00187 ROME - ITALY; Phone +39-6-48.72.134 / Fax +39-6- Web Site: Email at: Producer and Distributor since 1975 of Artificial Larynx Devices. Current units are Model 95 and Model 55-X.

August-Horch-Straße 4a, 51149 Köln, Germany, Telephone: +49 - 22 03 - 29 80-0; Fax: +49 - 22 03 - 29 80-100; email: Producer and Distributor since 1992 of medical supplies for laryngectomees and tracheotomees. They carry medical supplies such as: tracheal suction units, suction unit equipment, inhalation and air moistening including among other things Saluta products, tracheal cannulas, shunt valves and tracheostoma valves from every manufacturer, cannula equipment including among other things tube holders and tracheal compresses, cannula cleaning and care, tracheostoma protection including among other things TrachiNaze, Blom-Singer, Provox, protection bibs, stoma neckerchiefs, scarves and shower guards, electronic speech devices (MBK, Servox-Inton). They can deliver a great range of products and are the sole agency for Larkel and Saluta products world-wide. One motto of their company is: "Your partner for rehabilitation after laryngectomy and tracheotomy". In the last years "import and export" has considerably gained in importance. They go on extending this area of operation to be able to compensate possible existing breaks in the provision of medical supplies in one's own country by a balanced product offering on the international market..


P.O. Box 183, SE-242 22 Horby, Sweden. Phone: +46 (415) 198 00 Fax +46 (415) 198 98 E-mail: Atos Medical is a Swedish company specializing in products and services for laryngectomy patients. They manufacture the Provox System which contains Provox and Provox 2 Voice Prosthesis, Provox Stomafilter and StomVent, Heat and Moisture Exchangers and complementary products. Contact: Tobias Stein, Product Manager, at EMail:; Web Site:


2202 N. Bartlett Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202-1009, Toll free 1-800-217-0025, Fax 414-227-9033.

Atos Medical manufactures a full line of Voice and Pulmonary rehabilitation products for the laryngectomee including: Provox®, Provox®2 and the NEW Provox® ActiValve® indwelling voice prosthesis, the Provox® Pulmonary Rehabilitation products including the Provox® Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME) System, Provox® FreeHands HME®, Provox® Adhesive Baseplates, and the Provox® LaryTube™ system of HME compatible laryngectomee tubes. All of their products are manufactured at their factory in Sweden using the highest quality materials and strict adherence to quality control standards. Atos Medical also distributes the following products: Barton-Mayo Tracheostoma Button (manufactured by Medical Innovations International, Inc.), Servox®, TruTone™, SolaTone™ artificial Electrolarynx's, Remove™ and Skin Prep™ (manufactured by Smith and Nephew).

All products can be ordered direct from ATOS by calling 1-800-217-0025 or online at (U.S. shoppers only). Atos Medical offers the service of filing claims for patients to Medicare and Private Insurance Companies. E-mail:, Web Site:

Atos Medical also offers educational services to clinics and voice clubs through their network of clinicians, laryngectomees consultants and regional representatives.


1100 Northeast Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78209; Tel: (210) 930-3013. Servox Artificial Larynx kits, Servox rechargeable batteries, chargers, Servox Holder and Equipment Bags, Oral Connectors and accessories. rubber shower shields, Tracheofix foam filters, larynx protection bibs. Assorted stoma covers, neckerchiefs, and scarves.


601 East Iron St., Salina, KS 67401, Tel: (800)- 432-0224, Fax: (785)-827-4354. Artificial Larynx devices, amplifiers, batteries, shower collars, stoma covers, filters and misc. laryngectomee supplies. Web Site:


Tom Beneventine, 58 Woodstock Drive, Wayne, NJ 07470-3548. Tel: (973)-694-8417. Servox Inton devices, rechargeable batteries, Oral Connectors and Dual Charging Console.



303 Greenwich Ave Suite A122, Warwick, RI 02886, Phone: (401) 737 8037, Pager: (401) 563 0851. A totally NEW kind of necklace that combines the intricacy of embroidery with the personal touch of hand beading. These necklaces are one of a kind and can be fashioned to your specifications. All necklaces are adjustable allowing you to choose the length that suits your tastes. PLUS, you can have your favorite style of earrings created to match your necklace! Contact: Susan Makalinaw, Email: Web site:


RR1, Box 740, Brooks, Maine 04921 Tel: (800) - 824-2492, Fax: (207)-722-3320. Custom Tracheostoma prosthesis for hands-free operation. Pullovers, bibs, scarves, dickies and neckerchiefs.


117 Flanders Road, Westborough, MA 01581 USA; Customer Service 1-800-433-BMPI (2674); Tel: (508) 898-9300; Fax: (508) 898-2373. A leading supplier of laryngectomy products, also manufactures tracheostomy surgical products, including a thyroplasty implant system for unilateral vocal cord paralysis; tracheal cannula system and speaking valves. Web site at:



Ms. Bow Porter in Hawaii; Tel: 808-955-6861(Home), 808-741-3949 (Cell). BOW’S GALLERY featuring FASHIONABLE STOMA COVERS. Designed and created by an artist, most one of a kind, some glamorous, some practical, for men and women.. …covers are decorative, and not a filter or moisturizer but can be worn over. Crocheted, various fabrics, decorated with imported beads, shells, coins, etc. See Bow's web site at: Email:


411 Waverly Oaks Road, P.O. Box 9166, Dept. 14326, Waltham, MA, 02254, Tel: (800) 225-8446, Fax: (781) 894-9519. "America's Leading Mail Order Health and Medical Supplier" Free Catalog containing a large selection of laryngectomee supplies; Servox, ADDvoxII, turtleneck stoma covers, fashion stoma scarves, shower shields, foam stoma filters, double-sided adhesive foam stoma disks. Bruce Medical now has a new website at: Email address:

NEW - Cloisonné Medical Alert Pin, "Neck Breather"


In a lifesaving situation, the proper and immediate administration of CPR or oxygen could
mean the difference between life and death! For a laryngectomee, precious seconds or
minutes could be lost before their status is determined. For personal safety and piece of mind,
every laryngectomee should always wear this essential “Neck Breather” Medical Alert Pin.
Attached to your sweater, blouse, shirt collar, lapel or tie, this attractive and highly visible
Medical Alert pin will prompt medical professionals to the fact that you breath through your neck.
Meticulously crafted, this durable jewelry-quality, 1" diameter, genuine Cloisonné pin is
designed to compliment any wardrobe. It blends comfortably with either casual or formal clothing.


Only $14.95 Each

Order two and save 33%! --- Two or more, only $10.00 each


75 Holly Hill Lane, Greenwich, CT 06830, Tel: (800)-354-4054. Supplier of Trachea/ Laryngectomy tubes, ties, holders, shower covers and cotton stoma bibs.


230 Bayview Drive, Unit 4, Barrie, Ont L4N4X8 Canada; Phone: 705.792.1781: 800.563.4077; Fax: 705.792.1589: 888.860.9092; Pager: 800.527.9967; Cell: 705.796.3396. A Canadian supplier of voice restoration products based in Barrie, Ontario. They are the exclusive Canadian Distributor for Bivona, Atos Medical and Lauder Enterprises. They sell all of their products as well as the Seimens, Chattervox Voice Amplifier, HyTape Hypo-allergic Tape, and other laryngectomee related supplies. They are fully supportive of the Ontario Assistive Devices Programme. Contact: Ron Williams, Web Site: Email:


2 Harvey St., Rome, GA 30161. Tel: (800)- 273-1763. Servox Inton Speech Aid, Servox & Romet batteries, Oral connectors, chargers. Accessories and service for products. EMail at:


c/o O.C. Eldridge, 76 Sincero Drive, Watsonville, CA 95076, Tel: (408)-728-4704, Spanish Cooper-Rand and AT&T (5E) Operating Instructions, Spanish Speech Instruction Audio Cassette Tape (76 minutes).


P.O. Box 65174, Vancouver, WA 98665-0006. CMI is reachable toll-free at 800-944-6801 or at (360) 546-3839.
EMail at: Visit our Informational/Ordering Web Site at: Medicare provider. Inexpensive. They have a large variety of speech devices including the Romet, Servox Digital, SolaTone, ToneAire II Pneumatic, TruTone, PowerVox, ChatterVox. Prompt repair services too . Also batteries, shower/shampoo covers, FreshAir TracheoCovers, Foam Stoma Filters, Static Cling Emergency Stickers, Books: Dysphagia Challenge, The Dysphagia Cookbook, and much more. Go visit them!


Connections Unlimited, Inc. “enhancing communication through innovations in assistive hearing and speech technologies”.
1820 W 10th Street, Suite 2, Riviera Beach, FL 33404. Telephone: (800) 286-3481, (561) 655-8523, FAX (561)832-7273.
Sales: Darlene Foley; Service: Buck Bailey.

Connections Unlimited (CU) is the manufacturer of the highly acclaimed ChatterVox® portable voice amplification system, ChatterBox™ wireless amplifier and the Audiolink® personal listening system. CU is also a direct importer of the Servox Digital & Servox Inton, as well as the full line of Servox accessories including genuine Servox Batteries, Tracheofix Foam Filters, and “Neck Breather” Bracelets.

CU repairs all products in house. CU is a Certified Servox Repair Facility and Authorized to perform warranty repairs.

CU sells to medical and educational facilities and qualified medical dealers. It is not a retail outlet. For a catalog and complete list of authorized dealers and resellers contact Darlene Foley or email


6625 N. Sidney Place, Milwaukee, WI 53209, Tel: (414)-352-5678, FAX: (414)-352-5679. Portable affordable Talking Crespeaker, switches, devices, beepers, communication boards and more. Free Catalog: "Communication Aids for Children and Adults". Web Site at: Email at:

CYBERBIOMED - International Ltd.

3605 S. Ocean Blvd A-335, Palm Beach, FL 33480-6312 USA; Tel: 561-582-1125; Fax:561-892-0567. A new company; distributors of the MicroVox, HiVox, and GoldVox electrolarynx devices and various other laryngectomee-related devices and accessories. Email: Web Site:



P.O. Box 310 Nampa; ID, 83653, Tel: (800) 237-3699. SPKR artificial larynx at minimum Medicare price, assignment accepted. Cover Up Shower Stoma Protector, stoma filters and covers. Free Sample Kit available. Web Site at: Email: .


8521 Eastlake Dr., Burnaby, BC, Canada V5A 4T7; Tel: (604)421-1234: Suppliers of the Servox Inton electrolarynx, the Tru-Tone EL, Chattervox and batteries.


575 Washington Street, Pembroke, MA 02359; Toll Free: (800) 942-5227, Tel: (781) 826-7573, Email:; Web Site at: E. Benson Hood Laboratories was founded in 1962 and has been a leader in the field of head, neck and chest procedures. Hood offers an unique line of stoma and speech products to enhance the quality of life in laryngectomy patients. These products range from silicone stents to the Panje Voice Button, the Groningen Voice Button and the innovative VoiceMaster. Please do not hesitate to contact them concerning any of the products or services offered by Hood Laboratories.


11080 Executive Dr., Boise, ID 83713, Toll-Free (877)944-4446, Tel: (208)322-0928, Fax:(208)322-0931, E-mail: Eagle Medical Supply (EMS) is a distributor of the Nu-Vois I & II & the new III Digital electronic larynges and includes a 5-year warranty. All use a rechargeable 9.6V Nickel Metal Hydride battery or a standard 9V alkaline battery. EMS also sells the high quality Servox. Batteries, chargers, etc. are available for all units. Many Kapitex products are featured such as the unique Laryngofoam filters, Buchanan protectors, DeltaNex protectors, all with Hydrolox foam; tracheostomy supplies, Trachi-Naze and Trachi-Naze Plus ("The Breathing System for Living") and Romet knit stoma covers in 10 colors. Other products: Eagle cotton stoma covers in 11 colors, crocheted stoma covers, necklaces, "Neck Breather" bracelets, starter packs, Med-mart shower shield, gift certificates, etc. Let them know if you need an item not listed. EMS is a Medicare provider and will work many insurance companies. Free shipping on orders $60.00 and over. Call or write for a free catalog/brochures/samples, as they aim for a new level of products and customer service. Web site: Orders may be placed and paid for online. Owned and operated by Janet Breski.



1810 Summit Commerce Park, Twinsburg, OH 44087; Fax: (330) 425-4355; Toll Free: (800) 321-0591. Inside their website you will find over 26,000 items designed to enhance your quality of life. Inside their Family Company you will find 600 people who CARE about addressing your needs. They hope that this combination creates the best answer for your medical supply needs. They will provide these supplies with efficiency and accuracy through their state-of-the-art distribution facilities. They also promise to handle your insurance paperwork so there is continuity in their services and less headaches for you! Web Site: Email Contact:


6 Sorrel Rise, Woodvale, Western Australia 6026. Reachable by Tel/Fax at 61-8-409 -6823. Point of Contact: Mr. Geoff Stewart. EI&R markets voice amplification aids for laryngectomees; VOICE AID (about $153.00) - a pocket-size amplifier to allow speaker to be heard in moderately noisy situations. Comes with microphone; 9 Volt battery powered. DESK TOP AMPLIFIER - a higher powered amp for use in larger rooms, etc. Battery or AC power. Accessories available.


PO Box 31, Chester, VA 23831. Tel: 1-800-758-8255. Servox Inton, TruTone, SolaTone, Romet, Nu-Vois, SPKR, Jedcom JM-030, PO Vox, batteries, connectors, parts and repairs, stoma shower shields, foam filters, bibs, scarves.



2230 E. Pikes Peak Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80909 Tel: (719) - 632 - 2376. Artificial Larynx devices, sales and service, loaners are available.



27636 Ynez Rd., Suite. L7199, Temecula, CA 92591; Phone: 1-800-330-5969; Email: Manufacturer of the TruTone™ Electrolarynx, which has a rich smooth sound, in addition to a sensor which allows the user to add intonation to the voice. These attributes combined make it the most natural sounding instrument available. Imagine being able to “Express Yourself!” with inflection after a total laryngectomy. The durable TruTone™ Electrolarynx is backed by a comprehensive two year “Drop and Soak” warranty. The SolaTone™ Electrolarynx, which has good sound and quality is also available as a low cost alternative. Both instruments use standard 9v style batteries, either rechargeable or alkaline, providing exceptional convenience for the active Electrolarynx user or for immediate use as a backup. Medical grade battery chargers, such as the Griffin Smart Charger™ and high grade 9v batteries, as our new HandsFree™ Electrolarynx Holder are additional accessories which can be purchased with the device. See their "Summer Special" on the SoniVox™ Amplifier HERE. Griffin Laboratories also carries other quality products, such as the BoomVox™ portable amplifier. “Make Your Voice Count!” and contact them for details via phone, e-mail or their NEW online store at: .



Jessie Hart, 3625 Bluegrass Dr, Grand Prairie, TX 75052. Tel: 972-264-3129 (Collect). Romet, Servox, TruTone, SolaTone, and Nu-Vois artificial larynges and laryngectomee supplies. EMail at:


220 North Cobb Parkway, Marietta, GA 30062, Tel: (800)-241-4282, Suppliers of Trachea/Laryngectomy tubes, ties, holders, shower covers, and cotton stoma bibs.


8160 Madison St., Burr Ridge, IL 60521. Tel: (800)-288-8303, Fax: (888)-654-9219. Operates the National Assistive Device Center providing a number of speech related devices to include Servox and Optivox electro-larynx devices and speech amplified telephones and handsets. EMail Contact: Richard Uzuanis at: . Catalog and Web Store at:



PO Box 120, Brookfield, CT 06804, Tel: (203)-775-6336, Rechargeable batteries for Speech Aid Devices.



1110 Mark Avenue, Carpinteria, CA 93013-2918, Toll Free Tel: (800) 477-5969, Tel: (805) 684-9337, Toll Free Fax: (888) 371-1530 Fax: (805) 684-8594, E-mail: Website: Products: INHEALTH carries the Blom-Singer Tracheoesophageal Voice Restoration Devices as well as a wide selection of other laryngectomee products. Contact INHEALTH for a complimentary, extensive catalog or educational video. WebStore: INHEALTH now offers OnLine Shopping for its U.S. customers. To shop online, you must first establish a username and password with them. Please note that these can be issued at the following times: Monday through Thursday, 6:30am to 4:00pm and Friday, 6:30am to 2:00pm (Pacific Standard Time). Customers may fill out a form online, e-mail them at: or call them toll free at: (800) 477-5969. Sorry, but at this time, they are unable to issue user names and passwords during non-business hours. Also, check out INHEALTH's free Speakers' Club membership for product discounts and regular updates on new products and services. no fee to join. In the November 2005 issue of "Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery" there
appears the following article of interest: "Voice Restoration With the Advantage Tracheoesophageal Voice Prosthesis" ... Simply Email InHealth at: with your preferred mailing address and InHealth will gladly mail a reprint copy to you at no charge.

Richard Crum is a laryngectomee who fields calls from Clinicians and Patients regarding trouble-shooting the products. He wrote an article about successful use of the "Blom-Singer Adjustable Tracheostoma Valve (ATSV)". It's on INHEALTH's Web Site at: His contact information is: Richard Crum, 4701 Hamburg Pike, Jeffersonville, IN 47130, Toll free: (800) 893-9074, fax: (812) 282-0800, EMail:
Mary Jane Renner, M.S.W; holds a Masters Degree from the Tulane University School of Social Work. She underwent a total laryngectomy over twenty-two years ago. She staffs the Information Hotline for Laryngectomees. Contact information: Mary Jane Renner, Toll Free Tel (800) 305-0117, Fax: (775) 743-5493, E-mail:

International Association of Laryngectomees (IAL)

Box 691060; Stockton, CA 95269-1060; Toll Free: (866) IAL-FORU (425-3678); Fax: 209 472-0516. New Website at:; EMail: Point of contact for IAL/ACS publications relative to laryngectomees, Annual Directory of local, IAL-affiliated clubs and support groups, Directory of Alaryngeal Speech Instructors, IAL NEWS (published in January, May, and September). An IAL News ordering card is available HERE for downloading, printing, filling out and mailing to the IAL. Articles for inclusion in the IAL NEWS can be sent to the interim editor, Leonard Librizzi, Email:


15202 Yorktown Colony Drive, Houston, TX 77084. "Certified Neckbreather" Tee-Shirts and Baseball Caps. To order or get pricing, phone, fax, or Email Jim Stringer at one of the following: Tel: (832)-724-5217, Fax: (281) 550-5465, Email: Discounts for clubs and organizations on quantity orders. (Click on small picture for bigger view.)



3658 Cass Street, Omaha, NE 68131, Tel: 402-558-1242; Email: Carries a fine line of "Elliot's Wish Medical ID Bracelets. They have committed to donating 10% of the proceeds from bracelets purchased by laryngectomees to the Lincoln Laryngectomy Group operating out of Lincoln, NE. See and order on their web site at:


9122 Sandy Slate Way, Las Vegas, NV 89123; Tel: 702-617-4033. Welcome to Joan's Crafty Creations and their magnificent array of stylish stoma covers for post-laryngectomy women. These artistic neckpieces are both practical and fashionable. They are: solid color hand-dyed; two color hand dyed/hand-painted; tricolor hand dyed/hand-painted; multicolor hand-dyed/hand-painted; and embellished covers with hand-sewn beads and/or sequins. They do all the color designing in their facility, and they produce the covers in a wide array of sizes and shapes, but all within the size parameters to assure comfort, an unobstructed airway and complete stoma coverage for the wearer. They have just added several new styles in large sizes from 4X4 inches to 6X6 inches and now have a selection to meet the needs of any stoma size. They will be happy to discuss special needs with you via Email: , or telephone (702-617-4033). Web Site at:


Kapitex House, 1 Sandbeck Way, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS22 7GH, England - Tel +44(0)1937 580211; Fax +44(0)1937 580796. Kapitex Healthcare Ltd. is a specialist company focusing on Head and Neck cancer and airway management for laryngectomy and tracheostomy patients. Offers, among other things, the NeoNaze system, Trachi-Naze, Buchanan, Laryngofoam, and Hydrolox stoma filters; tracheostomy tubes and associated equipment; and DeltaNex cravats and Romet stoma covers. EMail at: Web site at: Kapitex products are distributed in the USA by Lauder Enterprises, Eagle Medcial and Luminaud, Inc.


3828 Oak Farms Blvd., Lancaster, TX 75134, Tel: 972-224-1093, EMail at: Neckwear: Jewelry, Neckbands, Slides, Bolos, Beaded Necklaces, Scarves, etc. Some items are specially made to fit over the Hands Free Valve. If you are looking for something special, owner and WebWhispers member Mary Bergquist may be able to find it for you. Website:


From what we can determine, the best current source for the LARKEL is: ANDREAS FAHL MEDIZINTECHNIK-VERTRIEB, GMBH, August-Horch-Straße 4a, 51149 Köln, Germany, Telephone: +49 - 22 03 - 29 80-0; Fax: +49 - 22 03 - 29 80-100; email: See the Andreas Fahl listing above.

LARKEL training is currently available in the USA at the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center, MCC-Rehab, 12902 Magnolia Drive, Tampa, FL 33612. Further information about this training can be obtained from SLP Joy Gaziano at:; or Tel: (813) 972-8449.

Training is also available in Australia from Speech Pathologist, Kerrie-Ann Thornber, Email: "". Kerrie-Ann hails from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Should you like more "user" information about the LARKEL, check our Activities Page in our Hints Section and/or drop an EMail to Jim Kelly or Paul Galioni, two LARKEL-using WebWhispers laryngectomees in California, (EMail Jim Kelly at: and/or Paul Galioni at:


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 780249, San Antonio, TX, 78278-0249; Shipping Address: 4754 Shavano Oak, Suite 104, San Antonio, TX 78249-4027; Tel: (800) 388-8642, (210)-492-0864, Fax: (210) 492-1584. Web Site at: EMail at Sales and service of Servox Inton, NuVois, Griffin TruTone, Sola-Tone, Denrick, Amplicord, Optivox, Romet, and Cooper-Rand. Shower Shield shower collar, stoma covers and filters. Booklets - "Self Help for the Laryngectomee", "Mamaw's New Voice", Papaw's New Voice", and others. Audio Tape - "Postlaryngectomy Speech Instruction".



The Lions market a speech aid unit available throughout EUROPE via mail order. Device slips into pocket and comes with a headband or spectacle clip microphone (about $120.00). This device simply allows the user to amplify the volume of the voice...for working in noisy locations or for speaking to groups of people. Further information is available from Lion Charles Perry, 23 Park Street, Ampthill Beds, MK45 2LR in the United Kingdom. Tel: 44-1525-750484.


8688 Tyler Blvd., Mentor, Ohio 44060-4348. Tel: 800-255-3408 or 440-255-9082, Fax: 440-255-2250. Email at: A well-done and large Web Site at: Free paper catalog and price list or enhanced CD catalog sent upon request. Manufactures and sells the Cooper-Rand Intra-Oral Artifical Laynx, including special adaptations for those with limited use of hands and arms. Sells the Nu-Vois I & II, Extra-Vois,, Servox Inton and Digital, SolaTone, and the TruTone electrolarynx devices, complete with all accessories, batteries, chargers, etc. Many in-house repairs for all these devices plus many repairs possible for instruments no longer available new - Denrick,AT&T, and Aurex-Neo Vox. A helpful selection of books for laryngectomees and speech pathologists. Manufacturer of the Rand Voice Amplifier and the Voicette Amplifier; importer of the Spokeman Amplifier, retailer for the Chatter-Vox and the Mini-Vox and larger Anchor Audio equipment. Sells several hand-held and hands-free microphones for amplifiers, a telephone that amplifies outgoing voice, three telephones that amplify incoming sound, a wireless personal pager, and a small recordable 4-message unit. Stoma cover starter kits, Breathe-Easy, Cardinal E-Z Breathe, Buchanan bib style protectors, shower cover-ups, foam "stick-on" filters in white or flesh tone, the Buchanan DeltaNex Protector system, cravats, Romet Laryngectomee Filters, women's necklaces and lace collars. Also offers Provox and Trachi-Naze HME's (baseplates and filters), Trachi-Naze Plus stoma studs and filters, Trachi-Naze Hands Free Valve for TEP speakers, Kapi-Gel Tracheostoma Spacers, "Neck Breather" bracelet, Tweezers, Tracheostomy Tube Neckband. And for Speech Pathologists - equipment to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of swallowing disorders.


8900 Thornton Road, Box 99030, Stockton, CA 95209, Tel: (209)-472-0516. Fax: (209)-472-0516. Booklet - "Look Who's Talking, A Guide to Esophageal Speech" - an easy to understand manual for esophageal speech that was written by a laryngectomee. $8.00 per copy, or $6.00 for ten or more. Price includes tax and shipping. Purchase orders accepted. Web Site at: Email at:


1101 Corporate Drive, McHenry, IL 60050; Tel: 877-735-1626; Fax: 815-363-2487; Web site: Their Clario Homecare Suction Pump is a lightweight, portable suction pump used for clearing the airway. Battery models with optional car connection power cable are perfect for traveling or at home. The Clario requires no maintenance, no filters, has no risk of overflows and is easy to clean. It’s very quiet so it’s great for use in public places. See: Email:


2323 Colorado Ave., Turlock, CA 95382. Tel: (800) 825-3785. Personalized Medic Alert Identification, 24-hour hotline for Emergency Personnel. Medic Alert Web Site at:


170 Elm Street, Goffstown, NH. 03045, Tel: 603-497-5424. Providers of various Medical Alert ID's ... such as bracelets, necklaces crafted in sterling silver or gold. Web site at: Email:


6256 34th Avenue NW, Rochester, MN 55901; Phone: (507)-289-0761; Toll Free 800-552-1227; Fax: 507.281.9096. Suppliers of the Barton-Mayo Tracheostoma Button - developed in association with the Mayo Clinic to provide leak proof tracheostoma valve retention for near-total laryngectomy and total laryngectomy patients. The Barton button is a hybrid device which combines the therapeutic benefits of a tracheostoma tube and the speech enhancements of a tracheostoma valve. Advantages:

Enhances speech with "hands free" stomal occlusion
Positive stoma sealing - requires no "irritation skin adhesives"
Reduces stoma contractions - wide range of sizes available for optimum fit
Individual buttons can be purchased with the prescription form for specific patients.
Web Site: (Select M II PRODUCTS for Barton-Mayo Button Information)



444 S. Brentwood Blvd., St. Louis, Missouri 63105; Tel: (800) 489-1888 or (314) 725-1888 ext. 217; FAX (314)725-1444

Dispenses electrolarynges: Servox Digital and Inton, SolaTone, TruTone, OptiVox Plus, Romet, Nu-Vois I,II,III, Xtra-Vois and electrolarynx accessories: oral adapters, chargers, rechargeable batteries, holsters. Accept Medicare assignment for most of these devices. Will handle repairs through authorized service centers and can provide loaner electrolarynx while own instrument is in repair.

Dispenses voice prostheses and voice restoration products: Atos ProVox 2 and NID, Blom-Singer Indwelling (Clinician-maintained) and Non-Indwelling (Patient-maintained) prostheses, hands free valves

Dispenses heat moisture exchange (HME) products: Atos and InHealth adhesive baseplates, filter cassettes, Bivona HME cassettes, Trachi-Naze products, an array of silicone adhesives and removers, skin prep

Dispenses wound care products with wound care nurses available for questions regarding tracheostoma skin care and radiation burns: Sween cream, radiacare, tapes, bandages

Dispenses personal voice amplifiers: ChatterVox, Chatpack Whisper and Spokeman along with choice of 4 microphones and outgoing voice amplified telephone.

Carries a wide variety of stoma covers/bibs/filters and shower protectors including cloth and foam-Buchanan, Laryngofoam (Kapitex), self-adhesive, tie and velcro-fastened.

Carries trach tubes, trach collars, trach masks,trach care kits, cannula and voice prosthesis brushes, and larytubes, Barton-Mayo button

Stocks books: Looking Forward by Bob Keithand, Self-Help for the Laryngectomee by Ed Lauder, and emergency cards, bracelets, car decals. Wireless personal pager available for situations in which voice cannot be heard

Medical West is a Medicare provider and in-network provider for many insurances including United Healthcare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Healthlink, Mercy, GHP, CMR and many more.

Head and Neck resource Center staffed by Speech Pathologist with over 30 years experience with head and neck cancer survivors.
Co-sponsors and facilitates the NuVoice Club of Greater St. Louis. Complimentary head and neck catalog available upon request.
Email: Website:


300 N. A1A Suite D-306, Jupiter, Florida, 33477-4553; Phone: 561-748-0840; Fax: 561-748-2194; Email: or; Web Site: Medic Care, Inc. markets a wide selection of medical ID and medical alert jewelry; stainless steel, silver, and gold bracelets, pendants, chains, and charms. Engraving is also available.


433 W Allen Ave, San Dimas, CA 91773; Main Phone: 909-305-2681; Toll-Free: 888-827-0910: Shower collars, stoma covers, and air filters.


643 Fern Lake Road, Leicester, VT 05733; Phone: (802)247-8615; Cell: (802)345-2015 Handcrafted and custom lady's necklaces suitable for laryngectomees ... especially the "Dippy Bib" and "Centerpiece" designs. Owned and operated by Mildred Denney. Web site begins at: . Accept checks, money orders (or PayPal payments for orders over $50.00). Recommended by WW member Maggy Brodie.


If you make something you'd like to sell online, but don't have your own website, this is for you. Craft e-Fair was started to be an outlet for WebWhispers members to show their crafts, but we have included the outside world to help support it and give more variety to our shoppers as well. Several of you have expressed an interest in selling neck scarves and jewelry for larys through e-Fair, but the items don't have to be limited to that market. If you do needlework, small woodworking, painting, or have other items you would like to display, sign up with us. Of course you are welcome to browse and shop, too! In order for us to display your items, send us photographs, information on pricing and delivery, along with your e-mail or other address where you would like customers to contact you and we will set up your page. The yearly registration fee, special price of $10 for WebWhispers members instead of the posted, non-member $65, entitles you to two updates per year. Visit for more details or contact Barb and Bob Stratton at:


11000 Executive Drive, Boise, ID 83713, Sales: 1-800-688-6471, Customer Service: 1-888-468-8647, Email: Manufacturers of the Nu-Vois I, Nu-Vois II, and the new Xtra-Vois I electrolarynx devices.




F-11 A,(G-8 Area), Opp BSES Office, Near Hari Nagar Clock Tower, Opp. Maya Enclave, New Delhi, India - 110064; Ph :91-011-25127049 or 25125843, Mobile No : 9810155141, EMail : , web site: . N. R. Enterprises is owned by Sh. S.P. Goel. He retired as Dy. CAO, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India in 1980 and at present he is President of this society. In Feb. 1979, he was operated upon for total Laryngectomy at AIIMS, New Delhi. He is the Founder Secretary of "Laryngectomee Club of India". He is using electro-larynx unit for speaking since 1979. N. R. Enterprises offers electrolarynx devices, speech enhancement devices, bibs, hearing aids and other products.



5001 New Utrecht Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11219. Tel: (800)- 633-7878. Bruce Electrolarynx, TruTone, Servox Inton, and Park Speech Amplifier System.


5110 Hwy. 34 North, P.O. Box 8, Raleigh, IL 62977; Tel: 1-800-473-1205, FAX: 1-618-252-2846; Email: Web site: Prevention Laboratories has at least two products that may be of interest and use to larynx cancer patients. One product is called Prevention Mouth Rinse, and it is designed to treat the oral complications for all types of patients receiving chemotherapy, radiation, or any other type of treatment associated with cancer. They also have a new product called Prevention Burn and Wound Spray. This product has produced amazing results when applied to radiation, chemical, or thermal burns. Both products have completed all FDA safety studies. Prevention Mouth Rinse is well-discussed at: Prevention Burn and Wound Spray is shown at:


8700 Shoal Creek Blvd., Austin, TX 78757, Tel: (512)-451-3276, Fax: (512)-451-8542. Books for speech clinicians and for laryngectomees and their families and friends.


20 Hartford Rd., Suite #30, Salem, CT 06420-3800. Formerly/previously: 30 Salem Marketplace, Salem, CT 06420 - (changed due to "911" system). Telephone: (800) 454-7778 or (860) 859-2807; Fax: (860) 859-3102. Dispenser of speech prostheses: Servox Digital; Romet; Nu-Vois I, II & III; Xtra-Vois; TruTone; SolaTone; Cooper-Rand; Aurex-Neovox (batteries). Dispenser of voice amplifiers: ChatterVox; Spokeman; Rand; Voicette; Flex-Mike. Provide many styles and brands of stoma bibs/covers, filters, shower protectors, "neck breather" medical bracelet, books for laryngectomees including the Lauder book "Self Help For the Laryngectomee" and "Why Didn't They Tell Me" by Donald Moss. Emergency cards are available in two sizes, small for the pocket and larger for placement on vehicle dash. Email: Website:


Since 1979, ROMET has been manufacturing in the United States Electronic Larynx’s For Laryngectomees. The new updated 9V Lithium Battery powered Romet Electronic Larynx Model # R 200 is now available from distributing Dealers worldwide. The Romet Artificial Larynx is manufactured with a full FIVE (5) Year Warranty, which includes drop & soak. All repairs are returned within 48 hours after receipt of the unit-needing repair. If the unit is out of warranty a detailed statement of charges will be forwarded to the owner with explanation of the needed repair to return the unit to its original working condition. Send returns by insured USPS Priority mail to: Romet Factory Service: 14410 Saratoga Pass San Antonio, TX. 78254 Please include your full name /address /phone /email if available in case we need to contact you. Note: Send only the unit with explanation; no battery or charger needed. Factory: Office: 210.858.5189, Fax: 210.858.9608, Email: Since 1979, ROMET has been manufacturing in the United States Electronic Larynx’s For Laryngectomees. The new updated 9V Lithium Battery powered Romet Electronic Larynx Model # R 200 is now available from distributing Dealers worldwide. The Romet Artificial Larynx is manufactured with a full FIVE (5) Year Warranty, which includes drop & soak. All repairs are returned within 48 hours after receipt of the unit-needing repair. If the unit is out of warranty a detailed statement of charges will be forwarded to the owner with explanation of the needed repair to return the unit to its original working condition. Send returns by insured USPS Priority mail to: Romet Factory Service: 14410 Saratoga Pass San Antonio, TX. 78254 Please include your full name /address /phone /email if available in case we need to contact you. Note: Send only the unit with explanation; no battery or charger needed. Factory: Office: 210.858.5189, Fax: 210.858.9608, Email:


PO Box 541-FS, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010; CALL (201) 840-5443; FAX (775) 261-4502. Retailer for the Safeguard Personal Alert system - for people at-home who need to communicate with family members that assistance is needed. Unlike the expensive systems that send signals to police and medics for dire emergencies, this is for at home communications. It is perfect for people who require assistance for comfort, food, medication, or other non-emergency situations. The easy to use, wireless pendant and chime monitor are SMALL AS A CREDIT CARD, battery operated and can be used indoors and outside. No longer does the caregiver have to be in the proximity to hear a call for assistance. The signal can transmit up to 100 feet. Their web site is at: Email at:


P.O. Box 1385, Sapulpa, OK 74067; Tel: (918) 224-4364. The SEATBELT SLIDER was designed by an ex-Air Force pilot with comfort and safety in mind. The device is easy to install, just clip one end on the lap belt, then pull the shoulder belt down and fit into the other end. Now you can slide it along the lap belt till the shoulder belt is in a comfortable position away from your neck. This may be a handy device for laryngectomees bothered by their car's seat belt position. Device is offered with free shipping and a money-back guarantee. Set of 2 - $5.95, Set of 4 - $10.95. Their web site is at:


Biberweg 24-26, 53842 Troisdorf, Telephone +49 (0)22 41/9322-0; Fax +49(0)22 41/ 93 22- 277. Email: International Sales and Service: They pride themselves on supplying medical products for laryngectomy and tracheotomy patients, so that, once again, they have the opportunity to express themselves with the aid of our extensive range of products. The products available include the newly developed SERVOX digital, starter sets, tracheal cannulas and cannula accessories, tracheostoma protection equipment, air humidifiers, speech amplifiers, emergency equipment for laryngectomees. With contacts all over the world, SERVOX is confident that your requirements can be met with the best quality and service the company offers. Their views are expressed with the motto "We Care About Your Communication." You can contact them at the above address or alternatively visit their website ( They will gladly welcome your inquiries..



By WW member Nancy Horvath; Tel: 215-441-4577
She started making crocheted stoma covers after reading an article by Pat Sanders, even though she had never met a lary. She made them to give to hospitals and cancer centers and several years ago created a website so people could buy them if they wanted more. With the help of those who use them she has built up a collection of designs for crocheted and fabric stoma covers and trach bands but still likes to make a neckpiece exactly to someone’s wishes. Website: Email:


13 Vickwood Ct., Marietta, GA 30068, Tel: (800)-634-6000. Servox and Romet type batteries (batteries only). Call for technical advice.



862 Kelsey Drive, Centerville OH 45458-2765; Video tapes for Laryngectomees, Family Members & Healthcare Professionals. Tape I: Preoperative Counseling includes the following informational sections: 1. Basic Anatomy & Physiology, 2. Anatomy & Physiology Changes Following Surgery, 3. Communication Options & Demonstrations, 4. Social/Emotional Concerns Regarding Surgery. Tape II: Postoperative Care includes informational sections on: 1. Trach Care Demonstration, 2. Communication After Surgery, 3. Care & Cleaning of Devices, 4.Concerns When Returning Home. Both videos include personal interviews with male and female laryngectomy patients and their family members. They cover a variety of topics and are excellent informational tools for the laryngectomy patient. To order, send check or money order to the address above. Cost of the videos are: $45.00 each or both for $80.00. Shipping and handling charges are $2.50 per tape.


Wipmolenlaan 3. 3447 GJ Woerden, The Netherlands. Reachable by Tel at 31 (348) 49 57 00, FAX at 31 (348) 49 57 99. An extensive Web Site at EMail at: (Jacqueline Loo). Tefa-Portanje is the largest supplier of laryngectomee products in The Netherlands. Over 450 items in stock and on hand. Carry all the major voice prostheses and voice restoration devices. They also offer a NEW VoiceMaster front-loading, indwelling voice prosthesis ... this is a brand new item of Dutch design. The prosthesis is front-loaded in an outpatient setting, has long-life and anti-candida properties, reduces air resistance by over 30% over other prostheses, has a better seal, and produces excellent speech. Voice Master is produced by Entermed and will soon be available in the US.



Texas State Audio, Inc., PO Box 8270, Corpus Christi, TX 78468, Tel:(800)-879-9635, FAX: 361-980-8361, Website at: Email at: Suppliers hearing products and the Servox electrolarynx batteries and associated products and services.


This device has been reintroduced by LimCo Solutions, 4736 North 13th Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68110-1426. Tel: 1-402-980-3410. Their new web site is located at: You can Email them (Mark D. Welch) at:



UltraVoice, Ltd: 3612 Chapel Road, Newtown Square, PA 19073; Toll Free (800) 721-4848. UltraVoice is a speech simulator built into an upper denture or a retainer activated by a control unit with hands free features. UltraVoice now features the automatic control of speech pitch as you talk that UltraVoice claims makes it the loudest, clearest and most natural sounding device on the market. Medicare and most insurances reimburse. See their website for details. Email Contact: Website:



P.O. Box 607, Ontario, OR, 97914, Tel: (800)-438-7757



40015 Sierra Hwy., Bldg. B-145, Palmdale, CA 93550, Tel: (800) 869-8521, Words+ manufactures electronic devices and computer software that let people communicate, access computers, and control their environment. Tony Miani, Product Representative, EMail at: , Web Site located at:


3850 Shore Drive, Suite 111, Indianapolis, IN 46254 USA, Tel: (866) 207-5909; Email: The WoundCareShop is reputed to be THE PLACE to purchase your tapes and adhesives at the lowest price. Their web site is located at: